Touchless Access

Since the emergence of the world-renowned pandemic, COVID-19, the need for health and safety precautions implementations has increased. Thus, society and industries have realized the need to do more to lessen the infection rate, and as expected, technology has risen to save the day.


Several technologies have been put into place to this end. Public touchpoints, such as railings and door handles, are used by several individuals. In enclosed places like offices, the community transmission risk is very high. The presently used access control procedures are managed with great carefulness and inspection for evident reasons.


The first method of reducing community transmission is the several types of touchless access control technology. It eliminates the need to touch the handle after the last person has used the door. A touchless button can be installed to open the door. A protected iris scanner can be used in place of a physical fingerprint scanner as a means of identification. Instead of using a light switch, a simple timed movement sensor can be used.


The touchless access control options are growing every day. The list is broad and restricted only by how they are being utilized. These simple technologies are affordable, real, and dependable types of touchless access. Touchless access is such that employees and guests do not need to come into contact with them to gain entrance into the premises.


Face recognition, hand wave, or mobile access using apps, such as the Geokey mobile access app, can be used to gain access into the building. Touchless access control systems use smart touchless security scanners and card readers that grant access by easily recognizing and scanning the numbers coded on the access cards. Also, they grant access to employees who use their Bluetooth connection for the touchless security company app on their smartphones to gain mobile access.


This Geokey mobile access grants them the ability to unlock from anywhere they are within the premises. The face recognition and the hand waving systems are location-based locks as you have to be in front of them to gain access. They are not systems that can be unlocked from anywhere. Internal security systems can be linked up with the face recognition system to enable employee tracking thus making workplace activities such as time clocking and attendance keeping easier.


The hand waving system is linked to your smartphone through Bluetooth low energy, although it is not a must that your smartphone is held in your hand. You just have it on you as your smartphone serves as your mobile key.


Apart from being used for employee tracking, the Geokey data analytics help you monitor your guests. This will aid corporate intruders and spy identification. Video surveillance systems can be integrated into these systems for employee tracking to ensure only permitted people are on the premises, thus increasing the security level in the office. Door controllers can also be used to limit the access of unwanted people into the premises.


Using the Geokey online portal, the management can manage the access of employee. Geokey is not a one-size-fits-all security solution type. We customize security solution to fit your security needs. Contact us today to improve your business security level.