For decades we have watched access control make its evolution into the new age. In the 90’s, it was the transition from standard lock and key to key fobs. But time has once again changed the game for small business owners by a more evident technology: Our mobile phones.

We all have met a small business owner. They are typically driven and hardworking people that wear a lot of hats. They love what they do because they get to be their own boss, but the downside is that they are managing multiple facets of their company simultaneously. With the capabilities of mobile access control, it has given small business owners a new grasp on the security of one of their most prized possessions, which is their business.

Why Mobile Access Control?

The inception of Geokey as a commercial mobile access solution started from the perspective of a small business as a 24/7 fitness facility. We were using key fobs at the time, which worked but still left problems on the table. With the solution of Geokey, those problems have been eliminated and have enhanced the experience of small business owners everywhere.

1. No More Transferring Access

Safety is a primary concern for any business owner. That includes protecting cash, intellectual property, assets, employees, etc. The issue with fobs and keys is the ease of being transferable between one another.

People do not transfer their mobile phones to one another. Furthermore, Geokey has a feature that will not allow users to transfer their login information from one user to another. We do that by restricting the back-and-forth transfer of login information.

Security is our primary focus and a lack of transferring access even goes for lost phones. Geokey support is just a moment away that can remove access from devices and protect businesses from threatening solicitors.

2. Gain More Time by Sending Mobile Keys

As we stated earlier, a business owner wears many hats which leaves less time for other projects or revenue generating tasks. Mobile access control gives business owners the opportunity to gain that back by sending Geokeys to users (instead of handing keys or fobs off in person) and being able to unlock their business doors from anywhere. That means no more waking up in the middle of the night to drive to your facility.

3. Gain Analytics and Tracking Of Your Users

Have you ever wanted to see who is in your building and for how long in real time? With mobile access control you now have that opportunity. Mobile Access solutions come with a full data management software program that gives you full data analytics of your facility. Geokey takes that one step further. With our proprietary solution, you can also track duration. When your users enter and leave the geofence of your business, Geokey will let you know.

4. Affordable Solution

The biggest question we get is if it’s affordable and to that question, the answer is ‘Yes’. Our goal at Geokey is to provide a full feature and high security solution at a low monthly cost. By saving time for our business owners with custom management solutions, Geokey is the most economical solution.

If you are interested in leveling up your locks for your small business, reach out to us at