Geokey Product Spotlight: Padlocks and Lock Blocks

Geokey was launched by business owners for businesses owners as a commercial mobile access solution. We were using key fobs to access our 24/7 fitness facility and we saw a need for a more modern solution to an age-old necessity: secure entry and access to offices, facilities, and property.


We recognized that we could eliminate the need for key fobs and traditional keys, improve the functionality of lock blocks, padlocks, etc., and increase security and convenience by developing software that utilizes smartphone technology.


Over the years our company has grown into an award-winning operation of time-tested results for user-friendly simplicity and superior security. The hardware we use, such as padlocks and lock blocks, is a crucial component of our success.


Traditional padlocks still depend on the dial or rotary locks, but Geokey integrates with smart models that make unlocking padlocks easier. With smart hardware, you can allow access to specific people and monitor their access all while maintaining or even improving the tough protection of traditional hardware.


Geokey’s hardware partner, Nokē, is a highly reputable and respected company whose products fully align with our commitment to quality and excellence.


Product Spotlight:
Nokē HD Smart Padlocks are keyless, heavy-duty locks with an industrial-strength body and intelligent core. These powerful locks are tamper-resistant, work in harsh environmental conditions, and are available with a shrouded shackle for extra protection. The sleek outer shell is made from brushed stainless steel that protects all its internal digital components.


The Nokē Lock Block is a heavy-duty, steel casing used in conjunction with the HD Smart Padlock to provide an extreme-security, tamper-resistant, keyless locking system. It has a built-in, interlocking shackle that drops into the removable HD Padlock lock body to create impassable security.


The Nokē In-Wall Battery Powered Door Controller
is combined with the simple Geokey management software and mobile app to create a highly secure, connected, physical access system. This first-ever battery-powered door controller is ideal for businesses, apartments, construction sites, old or new buildings, garages, elevators, and much more.


Geokey + Nokē smart locks deliver a wide range of features to elevate your security. It also allows all your locks and door controllers to connect and share data in real-time, sending you updates and keeping your valuable assets safe.


Streamline your access security with Geokey. Let us assist you with all your security solutions. Contact us at

Geokey Going Green

Geokey: Mobile Access Offers Health-Conscious and

Environmentally Sustainable Security Options


The national pandemic brought health-consciousness to the forefront of our daily living. In a previous post, we discussed society’s heightened awareness about cleanliness and germ-spread prevention and how touch-free mobile access solutions drive the new normal for accessing business facilities.


In addition to the health benefits, another important reason why more and more business owners are getting rid of traditional keys, plastic keycards and key fobs and switching to mobile access credentials is environmental sustainability.


Sustainability, or “going green,” is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. As the green movement continues to raise its profile to consumers, it is increasingly important for businesses to preserve natural resources, minimize hazardous substances, and decrease energy usage.


Geokey’s mobile access, created instantly through an app, saves materials and energy that would normally be spent making duplicate keys/keycards every time they get lost, misplaced, or need to be copied. Less Resources = Cleaner Living.


Consumers want optimal living for this generation without compromising the wellbeing of tomorrow’s generations. Companies that use sustainable options help make the world a better place to live now and in the future. It’s the responsible way of doing business today and consumers take notice.


Geokey is committed to being the best global citizens we can be by offering security solutions that greatly reduce environmental waste through the complete elimination of physical keys/keycards and key fobs. Our security solution requires no material processing and conserves natural resources all while enhancing performance and reliability standards. We deliver convenience and security without compromising the environment.


Geokey is efficient and cost effective. It reduces energy costs for the environment and for your business. If you’re more efficient, you save money.


We work within your budget to properly plan and implement solutions designed to offer convenient mobile access while maintaining the appropriate level of security for your business.


If you are interested in more environmentally sustainable security solutions for your small business, get in touch with us at


At Geokey, our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective and up-to-the-minute technology available to best meet your security needs. From the ease and simplicity of mobile access to the efficiency of our online portal and data analytics software, we ensure successful security solutions that incorporate seamlessly into your life.

As security professionals, we value the importance of continually educating ourselves on the latest advances in technology and researching best practices. One way we accomplish this is by attending security events at which manufactures and vendors in the security industry showcase their products and service.

This month we are attending the industry’s top security conference, the International Security Conference & Exposition also known as ISC West. This annual expo is the largest converged security trade show in the U.S., covering everything from video surveillance, access control, biometrics, smart home, public security, drones/robotics, and more.

At ISC West we can examine the newest security products and technology, network with colleagues and security professionals, and gain valuable training and knowledge to better serve our customers. Over 1,000 exhibitors will present cutting-edge products covering access control, biometrics, IT & cyber security, public security, and more.

For example, one educational session to be presented is a case study on how security robots are being used at the FedEx facility in Memphis. They’ve integrated security robots to enhance their manned guard force in order to protect their hub of national and international shipping.

There will be many other topics covered like how the security industry will recover and grow once the pandemic subsides; and the next generation of access control – how artificial intelligence, biometrics, etc., will drive the tech evolution.

One example of the innovative products that will be featured at the expo is Teleportivity, the winner of the Judges’ Choice Award in the show’s 2021 New Product Showcase Awards. This app-like “video intercom’” experience can be accessed anywhere by using a QR code. It allows a user to scan a QR code with a smartphone, and access a whole range of self-serve experiences with no hardware needed, and no app required for the user.

Many other new innovations have been emerging during this time of major market transition and disruption, and we strive to stay on top of it all to ensure that our customers have the greatest peace of mind for all your security needs.

Our number one mission is to keep you, your business, and your assets safe and operating as effortlessly as possible all with the greatest convenience and efficiency available.

At Geokey, we work within your budget to properly plan and implement solutions designed to meet all of the security needs for your business. For more information contact,

How to plan a touchless mobile access control system for your apartment building

Do you lose sleep sometimes thinking about things that could happen at your apartment building?


Burglaries, vandalism, and disgruntled ex-tenants can wreak havoc on your bottom line. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tenants and property are protected at all times.


So you can sleep a little easier tonight. Touchless mobile access control is here, and offers the easiest, safest access control.


What is touchless mobile access?


Touchless mobile access is a means of unlocking entryways electronically and wirelessly without using physical keys, fobs, keypads, or other surfaces users would have to touch.


Some companies with high security needs use retinal scans and facial recognition as part of their touchless access strategies.


But you don’t need Mission: Impossible access control to keep your apartment buildings secure. You just need a way to give your tenants — and only your tenants — touchless access to their apartments and amenity areas that they almost can’t lose.


You’ll pay much more to replace lost physical access tools than you know


Everyone loses things. Especially small items like keys, keycards, and fobs.


Aside from heading for landfills and open waters, the costs to you as the owner of a rental property are multifold. Replacement fobs cost anywhere between $150 and $400. You can charge the tenant for a replaced fob, but you don’t need the hassle. Not to mention the wait.


And during a pandemic or flu season, who wants to borrow keycards or fobs that have been passed around?


Why you need a touchless mobile access control system for your apartment building

1. It’s much less likely to spread disease


Raise your hand if you cringe a little when you have to touch the grimy keypad on a gas station credit card reader.


True, your phone is dirtier than you think. But at least you know where your hands have been and when you last washed them. That’s more than you know about who’s been touching the elevator buttons, garage door openers, and keypads to get to the laundry facilities.


Help keep everyone safe and minimize risk of infection by implementing a touchless access solution.


2. You won’t have to replace lost key fobs


People lose small objects all the time. Chances are, if you give your tenants fobs to get in and out of their homes, they’ll attach them to their keyrings. Which just means they’ll lose fobs just as easily as keys.


Then you have to waste time arranging replacements and pay high replacement costs.


You don’t have to do that anymore.


All you need to do with mobile access is send a key through your app to the user’s device through text or email. How much simpler can it get?


3. You can manage access from your dashboard at home


Cloud-based mobile access control puts your dashboard in front of you wherever you can find a wireless connection.


Easily add and remove authorized users. Pinpoint which entries are off-limits when, and to who. Define specific areas (geofences) and track use of each point in and out. From your lawn chair at the campfire, if you like.


Sounds great, right? And it’s easy.


How do you plan a touchless access control system?


Never go into something like this without a plan. It doesn’t have to be granular, but you ought to keep in mind a few important things.


Define your security needs


Do you need cameras in parking and reception areas? Garage door openers? Gated entry electronic readers?


Some of your needs will depend on location. But they’ll also depend on the number of units and adult tenants you have, and whether you have tenants-only amenities like gym facilities.


They definitely shouldn’t be able to get into maintenance areas or into company vehicles. Is there a pool area that should restrict access to children after dark?


You’re probably getting a sense of how much time it could save you if you didn’t have to drive around and unlock doors in person.


If a tenant loses their phone, they can also get their credentials on their tablet.


Discover your access control options


There are so many choices, but how do you narrow them down? If it seems overwhelming, think first about what you’re trying to do and go from there.


Do you want to track users and gain insights from advanced analytics?


Do you want to be able to unlock doors from home, or anywhere else? Then you need a cloud-based application. So how do you find a mobile access company that makes it all that simple for you?


Why Geokey is your premier choice in touchless mobile access control


Geokey, the leading mobile access company, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with an open API. That means our platform can integrate with other products and applications.


Partnering with other hardware and software solution providers is how Geokey gives you so many options when designing your own access and security strategy.


Hardware and software solutions for every security and access function


We’ve partnered with the best hardware and software vendors to bring you the highest level of customization available anywhere.


We integrate with Axis Communications and Nokē access control hardware like locks, network controllers, relay modules, cameras, audio devices, and other system devices.


You can even connect your accounts from your favorite business applications like Stripe, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 and have access to more tools from the same place.


Send secure credentials via text or email


Register geokeys to designated devices to enhance security. You can grant or limit access to certain entries by credentials, and even further by date and time.


You can also automate certain notifications to send directly to your tenants’ mobile devices at certain days and times. Which is useful for important announcements and reminders.


Advanced analytics and contact tracing


See who is accessing which entries and when. If there’s ever a problem, it’s easy to see who was in the associated geofence during that time.


And if someone has an illness, you can identify who they may have had direct contact with. This can help everyone in the building remain informed and protected.


Take this with you


You need the right touchless mobile access control system for your own specific needs.


You must be able to:

  • Keep your tenants safe by reducing the number of shared touched surfaces.

  • Mix and match hardware and system solutions for your security needs.

  • Track and analyze entrypoint usage.

  • Integrate business solutions to grow your investment.

  • Manage everything from anywhere through a simple and convenient mobile platform.


Get a free demo and see for yourself how Geokey can protect you and your tenants.

Touchless Access

Since the emergence of the world-renowned pandemic, COVID-19, the need for health and safety precautions implementations has increased. Thus, society and industries have realized the need to do more to lessen the infection rate, and as expected, technology has risen to save the day.


Several technologies have been put into place to this end. Public touchpoints, such as railings and door handles, are used by several individuals. In enclosed places like offices, the community transmission risk is very high. The presently used access control procedures are managed with great carefulness and inspection for evident reasons.


The first method of reducing community transmission is the several types of touchless access control technology. It eliminates the need to touch the handle after the last person has used the door. A touchless button can be installed to open the door. A protected iris scanner can be used in place of a physical fingerprint scanner as a means of identification. Instead of using a light switch, a simple timed movement sensor can be used.


The touchless access control options are growing every day. The list is broad and restricted only by how they are being utilized. These simple technologies are affordable, real, and dependable types of touchless access. Touchless access is such that employees and guests do not need to come into contact with them to gain entrance into the premises.


Face recognition, hand wave, or mobile access using apps, such as the Geokey mobile access app, can be used to gain access into the building. Touchless access control systems use smart touchless security scanners and card readers that grant access by easily recognizing and scanning the numbers coded on the access cards. Also, they grant access to employees who use their Bluetooth connection for the touchless security company app on their smartphones to gain mobile access.


This Geokey mobile access grants them the ability to unlock from anywhere they are within the premises. The face recognition and the hand waving systems are location-based locks as you have to be in front of them to gain access. They are not systems that can be unlocked from anywhere. Internal security systems can be linked up with the face recognition system to enable employee tracking thus making workplace activities such as time clocking and attendance keeping easier.


The hand waving system is linked to your smartphone through Bluetooth low energy, although it is not a must that your smartphone is held in your hand. You just have it on you as your smartphone serves as your mobile key.


Apart from being used for employee tracking, the Geokey data analytics help you monitor your guests. This will aid corporate intruders and spy identification. Video surveillance systems can be integrated into these systems for employee tracking to ensure only permitted people are on the premises, thus increasing the security level in the office. Door controllers can also be used to limit the access of unwanted people into the premises.


Using the Geokey online portal, the management can manage the access of employee. Geokey is not a one-size-fits-all security solution type. We customize security solution to fit your security needs. Contact us today to improve your business security level.


For decades we have watched access control make its evolution into the new age. In the 90’s, it was the transition from standard lock and key to key fobs. But time has once again changed the game for small business owners by a more evident technology: Our mobile phones.

We all have met a small business owner. They are typically driven and hardworking people that wear a lot of hats. They love what they do because they get to be their own boss, but the downside is that they are managing multiple facets of their company simultaneously. With the capabilities of mobile access control, it has given small business owners a new grasp on the security of one of their most prized possessions, which is their business.

Why Mobile Access Control?

The inception of Geokey as a commercial mobile access solution started from the perspective of a small business as a 24/7 fitness facility. We were using key fobs at the time, which worked but still left problems on the table. With the solution of Geokey, those problems have been eliminated and have enhanced the experience of small business owners everywhere.

1. No More Transferring Access

Safety is a primary concern for any business owner. That includes protecting cash, intellectual property, assets, employees, etc. The issue with fobs and keys is the ease of being transferable between one another.

People do not transfer their mobile phones to one another. Furthermore, Geokey has a feature that will not allow users to transfer their login information from one user to another. We do that by restricting the back-and-forth transfer of login information.

Security is our primary focus and a lack of transferring access even goes for lost phones. Geokey support is just a moment away that can remove access from devices and protect businesses from threatening solicitors.

2. Gain More Time by Sending Mobile Keys

As we stated earlier, a business owner wears many hats which leaves less time for other projects or revenue generating tasks. Mobile access control gives business owners the opportunity to gain that back by sending Geokeys to users (instead of handing keys or fobs off in person) and being able to unlock their business doors from anywhere. That means no more waking up in the middle of the night to drive to your facility.

3. Gain Analytics and Tracking Of Your Users

Have you ever wanted to see who is in your building and for how long in real time? With mobile access control you now have that opportunity. Mobile Access solutions come with a full data management software program that gives you full data analytics of your facility. Geokey takes that one step further. With our proprietary solution, you can also track duration. When your users enter and leave the geofence of your business, Geokey will let you know.

4. Affordable Solution

The biggest question we get is if it’s affordable and to that question, the answer is ‘Yes’. Our goal at Geokey is to provide a full feature and high security solution at a low monthly cost. By saving time for our business owners with custom management solutions, Geokey is the most economical solution.

If you are interested in leveling up your locks for your small business, reach out to us at

Take a Step Through the Door of the Future

There is an endless amount of things to keep to track of, and physical keys should no longer be one of them. As small as keys are, they play a large role in everyone’s life, and having too many can be a hassle. Just like many other problems of old, a new technology is rising and changing how security works for small businesses. Geokey, a company that turns phones into convenient and secure mobile keys, provides a new method and solution to the past system of security.

Instead of traditional metal keys and modern fobs, Geokey uses data analytics to enhance digital security. This program does not use Bluetooth, so Geokey can track anyone who is entering, exiting, or staying in the facility. This program also makes it possible to view the amount of time a user spends in a set Geofence. Admins are thus informed when someone enters or leaves the area. Geokey gives administrators the ability to know who is in their building at all times. This information is not only made easily accessible through Geokey, but also keeps administrators up to date on the happenings of the facility and diminishes the risk of any surprises.

Geokey’s digital security system provides more safety when compared to physical keys. Rather than having to keep track of a small metal key, Geokey allows everything to be accessible through a device. The set-up process is also simple and trouble-free. To set up a new user, an administrator simply enters this individual’s email and personal information. Credentials are then automatically generated for the user. Once finished, the new user can subsequently use these credentials to log-in to the app, giving them access to its facilities. The administrator also has the ability to set a number of parameters through the app. For example, a specific user’s parameters can be adjusted, limiting days and times they can enter. The access to facilities can also be made temporary, such that an individual may only need access for a short amount of time.

Geokey also lessens the need for travel in an individual’s day-to-day life. With a digital security system, administrators no longer have to be on site to unlock doors or distribute keys. Not only can new users be added from anywhere, but also facility doors can be unlocked from the comfort of one’s own home. This reduces the necessity of being in-person each time an employee, or otherwise, needs access to the facility. This is especially useful in light of COVID-19; unnecessary in person contact is reduced, and more people have the ability to work from home.

There are numerous situations in which an individual’s access to the facility may need to be revoked. Keeping track of and obtaining this individual’s physical keys can prove to be difficult in some cases. Geokey offers a better solution to this. Mobile keys can be revoked as easily as they can be given out: access can be revoked by the press of a button, rather than struggling to get a key back.

Geokey is the safe option for secure doors. Mobile keys can be distributed with ease. The location and period of time an individual is in the facility is tracked and easily accessible. Every individual’s access can be controlled down to the day and time. Administrators can process keys and unlock doors from anywhere. With Geokey, the hassle of physical keys is non-existent.