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How to plan a touchless mobile access control system for your apartment building

By Geokey Marketing Team | June 2, 2021

Do you lose sleep sometimes thinking about things that could happen at your apartment building?

Burglaries, vandalism, and disgruntled ex-tenants can wreak havoc on your bottom line. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tenants and property are protected at all times.

So you can sleep a little easier tonight. Touchless mobile access control is here, and offers the easiest, safest access control.

What is touchless mobile access?

Touchless mobile access is a means of unlocking entryways electronically and wirelessly without using physical keys, fobs, keypads, or other surfaces users would have to touch.

Some companies with high security needs use retinal scans and facial recognition as part of their touchless access strategies.

But you don’t need Mission: Impossible access control to keep your apartment buildings secure. You just need a way to give your tenants -- and only your tenants -- touchless access to their apartments and amenity areas that they almost can’t lose.

You’ll pay much more to replace lost physical access tools than you know

Everyone loses things. Especially small items like keys, keycards, and fobs.

Aside from heading for landfills and open waters, the costs to you as the owner of a rental property are multifold. Replacement fobs cost anywhere between $150 and $400. You can charge the tenant for a replaced fob, but you don’t need the hassle. Not to mention the wait.

And during a pandemic or flu season, who wants to borrow keycards or fobs that have been passed around?

Why you need a touchless mobile access control system for your apartment building

1. It’s much less likely to spread disease

Raise your hand if you cringe a little when you have to touch the grimy keypad on a gas station credit card reader.

True, your phone is dirtier than you think. But at least you know where your hands have been and when you last washed them. That’s more than you know about who’s been touching the elevator buttons, garage door openers, and keypads to get to the laundry facilities.

Help keep everyone safe and minimize risk of infection by implementing a touchless access solution.

2. You won’t have to replace lost key fobs

People lose small objects all the time. Chances are, if you give your tenants fobs to get in and out of their homes, they’ll attach them to their keyrings. Which just means they’ll lose fobs just as easily as keys.

Then you have to waste time arranging replacements and pay high replacement costs.

You don’t have to do that anymore.

All you need to do with mobile access is send a key through your app to the user’s device through text or email. How much simpler can it get?

3. You can manage access from your dashboard at home

Cloud-based mobile access control puts your dashboard in front of you wherever you can find a wireless connection.

Easily add and remove authorized users. Pinpoint which entries are off-limits when, and to who. Define specific areas (geofences) and track use of each point in and out. From your lawn chair at the campfire, if you like.

Sounds great, right? And it’s easy.

How do you plan a touchless access control system?

Never go into something like this without a plan. It doesn’t have to be granular, but you ought to keep in mind a few important things.

Define your security needs

Do you need cameras in parking and reception areas? Garage door openers? Gated entry electronic readers?

Some of your needs will depend on location. But they’ll also depend on the number of units and adult tenants you have, and whether you have tenants-only amenities like gym facilities.

They definitely shouldn’t be able to get into maintenance areas or into company vehicles. Is there a pool area that should restrict access to children after dark?

You’re probably getting a sense of how much time it could save you if you didn’t have to drive around and unlock doors in person.

If a tenant loses their phone, they can also get their credentials on their tablet.

Discover your access control options

There are so many choices, but how do you narrow them down? If it seems overwhelming, think first about what you’re trying to do and go from there.

Do you want to track users and gain insights from advanced analytics?

Do you want to be able to unlock doors from home, or anywhere else? Then you need a cloud-based application. So how do you find a mobile access company that makes it all that simple for you?

Why Geokey is your premier choice in touchless mobile access control

Geokey, the leading mobile access company, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with an open API. That means our platform can integrate with other products and applications.

Partnering with other hardware and software solution providers is how Geokey gives you so many options when designing your own access and security strategy.

Hardware and software solutions for every security and access function

We’ve partnered with the best hardware and software vendors to bring you the highest level of customization available anywhere.

We integrate with Axis Communications and Nokē access control hardware like locks, network controllers, relay modules, cameras, audio devices, and other system devices.

You can even connect your accounts from your favorite business applications like Stripe, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 and have access to more tools from the same place.

Send secure credentials via text or email

Register geokeys to designated devices to enhance security. You can grant or limit access to certain entries by credentials, and even further by date and time.

You can also automate certain notifications to send directly to your tenants’ mobile devices at certain days and times. Which is useful for important announcements and reminders.

Advanced analytics and contact tracing

See who is accessing which entries and when. If there’s ever a problem, it’s easy to see who was in the associated geofence during that time.

And if someone has an illness, you can identify who they may have had direct contact with. This can help everyone in the building remain informed and protected.

Take this with you

You need the right touchless mobile access control system for your own specific needs.

You must be able to:

  • Keep your tenants safe by reducing the number of shared touched surfaces.
  • Mix and match hardware and system solutions for your security needs.
  • Track and analyze entrypoint usage.
  • Integrate business solutions to grow your investment.
  • Manage everything from anywhere through a simple and convenient mobile platform.

Get a free demo and see for yourself how Geokey can protect you and your tenants.

Geokey Marketing Team
Geokey Marketing Team
GeoKey Blog

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