The geokey product unlocks doors

Mobile Access
For Your Business

Unlock the World Around You.

Save Time and Gain Control
of Your Business

Time is money. That's why Geokey was developed for you:

  • The business owner
  • The property manager
  • The resident

Geokey is the product you can trust to manage your user base, members, or residents. No more changing locks or worrying about who can get in your building. Geokey has you covered.

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Meet Geokey

Open the app, swipe, and you are in. Geokey makes it easy for users to unlock doors, gates, elevators, padlocks, and so much more right from your phone

  • Mobile Access
  • System Security
  • Resident Experience
  • Data Analytics
  • Online Portal
  • Software Customization

Open All Doors with Geokey

With Geokey's modern technology, our solution doesn’t just limit you to the intercom system. The new way of multi-residential living is unlocking every door in your building with your phone. That means the front doors, individual rooms, elevators, and garages.

And Play
In The Future

Let your complex work as a smart solution that gives your residents control and you peace of mind.