Take a Step Through the Door of the Future

There is an endless amount of things to keep to track of, and physical keys should no longer be one of them. As small as keys are, they play a large role in everyone’s life, and having too many can be a hassle. Just like many other problems of old, a new technology is rising and changing how security works for small businesses. Geokey, a company that turns phones into convenient and secure mobile keys, provides a new method and solution to the past system of security.

Instead of traditional metal keys and modern fobs, Geokey uses data analytics to enhance digital security. This program does not use Bluetooth, so Geokey can track anyone who is entering, exiting, or staying in the facility. This program also makes it possible to view the amount of time a user spends in a set Geofence. Admins are thus informed when someone enters or leaves the area. Geokey gives administrators the ability to know who is in their building at all times. This information is not only made easily accessible through Geokey, but also keeps administrators up to date on the happenings of the facility and diminishes the risk of any surprises.

Geokey’s digital security system provides more safety when compared to physical keys. Rather than having to keep track of a small metal key, Geokey allows everything to be accessible through a device. The set-up process is also simple and trouble-free. To set up a new user, an administrator simply enters this individual’s email and personal information. Credentials are then automatically generated for the user. Once finished, the new user can subsequently use these credentials to log-in to the app, giving them access to its facilities. The administrator also has the ability to set a number of parameters through the app. For example, a specific user’s parameters can be adjusted, limiting days and times they can enter. The access to facilities can also be made temporary, such that an individual may only need access for a short amount of time.

Geokey also lessens the need for travel in an individual’s day-to-day life. With a digital security system, administrators no longer have to be on site to unlock doors or distribute keys. Not only can new users be added from anywhere, but also facility doors can be unlocked from the comfort of one’s own home. This reduces the necessity of being in-person each time an employee, or otherwise, needs access to the facility. This is especially useful in light of COVID-19; unnecessary in person contact is reduced, and more people have the ability to work from home.

There are numerous situations in which an individual’s access to the facility may need to be revoked. Keeping track of and obtaining this individual’s physical keys can prove to be difficult in some cases. Geokey offers a better solution to this. Mobile keys can be revoked as easily as they can be given out: access can be revoked by the press of a button, rather than struggling to get a key back.

Geokey is the safe option for secure doors. Mobile keys can be distributed with ease. The location and period of time an individual is in the facility is tracked and easily accessible. Every individual’s access can be controlled down to the day and time. Administrators can process keys and unlock doors from anywhere. With Geokey, the hassle of physical keys is non-existent.