Geokey Product Spotlight: Padlocks and Lock Blocks

Geokey was launched by business owners for businesses owners as a commercial mobile access solution. We were using key fobs to access our 24/7 fitness facility and we saw a need for a more modern solution to an age-old necessity: secure entry and access to offices, facilities, and property.


We recognized that we could eliminate the need for key fobs and traditional keys, improve the functionality of lock blocks, padlocks, etc., and increase security and convenience by developing software that utilizes smartphone technology.


Over the years our company has grown into an award-winning operation of time-tested results for user-friendly simplicity and superior security. The hardware we use, such as padlocks and lock blocks, is a crucial component of our success.


Traditional padlocks still depend on the dial or rotary locks, but Geokey integrates with smart models that make unlocking padlocks easier. With smart hardware, you can allow access to specific people and monitor their access all while maintaining or even improving the tough protection of traditional hardware.


Geokey’s hardware partner, Nokē, is a highly reputable and respected company whose products fully align with our commitment to quality and excellence.


Product Spotlight:
Nokē HD Smart Padlocks are keyless, heavy-duty locks with an industrial-strength body and intelligent core. These powerful locks are tamper-resistant, work in harsh environmental conditions, and are available with a shrouded shackle for extra protection. The sleek outer shell is made from brushed stainless steel that protects all its internal digital components.


The Nokē Lock Block is a heavy-duty, steel casing used in conjunction with the HD Smart Padlock to provide an extreme-security, tamper-resistant, keyless locking system. It has a built-in, interlocking shackle that drops into the removable HD Padlock lock body to create impassable security.


The Nokē In-Wall Battery Powered Door Controller
is combined with the simple Geokey management software and mobile app to create a highly secure, connected, physical access system. This first-ever battery-powered door controller is ideal for businesses, apartments, construction sites, old or new buildings, garages, elevators, and much more.


Geokey + Nokē smart locks deliver a wide range of features to elevate your security. It also allows all your locks and door controllers to connect and share data in real-time, sending you updates and keeping your valuable assets safe.


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