Geokey 03C Integration – Tech Integrated Partnership

Geokey, a mobile access management system for businesses, today announced a partnership with Axis Communications, the industry leader in IP video and intelligent network solutions that provide insights for improving security and new ways of doing business. Geokey has joined the Axis Technology Integration Partner Program with their tech integrated partnership – 03C integration. This move will enable customers to utilize Axis’s network door controllers with Geokey’s cutting edge mobile access software.


Security has never been more important to the success of business and enterprise. While focus has transferred over to high-profile cyber-security cases, the threat of actual physical break-ins is still an issue. Physical keys are often unwieldy and even in the best-case scenarios, they can be lost or damaged. Geokey is a mobile app that works as a master key to unlock any door, gate, padlock, and more. The software will now be integrated into network security door controllers provided by Axis Communications to provide continuous security to enterprises of all sizes.


Any business using Axis door controllers (such as the A1001 or A1601) will now be able to control their doors through easy integration to Geokey software. The transition to simple, transparent mobile access control is possible without having to upgrade or change any existing legacy hardware.


For new installs, simply providing a Serial Number (MAC) and Owner Authentication Key (OAK) prior to installation, will allow the hardware to connect to Geokey’s platform. At that point, merely clicking a button on the controller allows for full control of the security device via Geokey software. There’s no need to drill holes outside or mount any card readers – therefore reducing installation time and cost.


“Due to their security industry expertise and technology leadership, Axis Communications plays a key role in securing small, medium, and enterprise business globally,” said Brandon Peterson, CEO of Geokey. “Together we are pursuing the goal of advanced security solutions via mobile access, all while providing convenience to the customer and end customers. In doing so, we hope to define a modernistic way of utilizing mobile access for all.”


Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, intercom and audio systems which contribute to the protection of people and property as well as process optimization, and the increase in business efficiency and information access. Geokey, a software-only company, gives business owners a simplified security system that enhances their business from sales to customer service all while keeping a highly protected facility.


“The Geokey team is a welcome addition to the Axis Technology Integration Partner Program,” said Robert Muehlbauer, Senior Manager Business Development at Axis Communications. “Their mobile access software offers a great complementary solution to Axis cameras and door controllers. Geokey software exemplifies the user-friendliness, convenience and security that today’s customer demands in a software solution.”



About Geokey

Geokey is a mobile access management system for businesses. Users can now easily access any door, gate, elevator, padlock, etc. right from their mobile device. Property owners and managers will be able to send out Geokeys remotely, receive full data analytics of their business, and set customized user roles all from one cloud-based platform.


Time is money and that is why Geokey was developed for you, the business owner. Geokey is the product you can trust to manage your user base, members, or tenants. No more changing locks or worrying about who can get in your building. Geokey has you covered. The future is here and it’s waiting for you to take control. Let Geokey revolutionize your business today.