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Beyond Access Control
Geokey Marketing Team | January 17, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart technology, one of the key factors driving its impact is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems. Beyond the mere novelty of owning the latest technology or living in an apartment with a great new amenity, the true essence of smart living lies in the ability of these technologies to work cohesively, simplifying and enhancing residents’ daily lives.

One crucial aspect of this interconnected ecosystem is integrated access control. In today’s fast-paced world, residents yearn for a lifestyle that provides security without inconvenience. As discussed in previous blogs, legacy access control systems are inconvenient for residents and costly and outdated for property managers.

As more properties become completed in 2024, and residents have more options than ever to choose from when it comes to apartments to live in, properties that take the plunge into integrated smart technology, particularly access control, will stand out positively from the competition.

Unintegrated Access Control

Legacy access control methods have become an unnecessary and costly hindrance to properties. The lifecycle of the key beyond the initial cutting is distributed to the resident in question for an allotted time before it is returned intact at the end of the resident’s lease. While that might seem alright, it leaves a lot of room in the middle where there is a lack of proper accountability. Keys can easily be stolen, lost, or copied without the property knowing for months or until someone uses the key to break in or abuse the privileges associated with the key. While fobs boast a bit more accountability and interconnectivity than normal keys, as the fob associates a name with the access and can integrate with other security or management systems, the same issues keys have are present: it’s all too easy for fobs to be lost or stolen and abused. On top of this, anyone determined enough can replicate the unique frequency given off by fobs and bypass property security without being noticed for a long time or until an incident occurs that could affect a property’s reputation.

Beyond security, legacy access control serves to be just that: access control. With the cost of cutting a single key ranging from $1-4, multiplied by the number of keys a resident needs to access other essential areas(unit, building, mailbox, etc.), multiplied on top of that by the number of residents on the property, properties are spending thousands of dollars for something that will only have a single use in the residents day: unlocking a door. Also, take into consideration if properties also utilize fobs for common areas like gyms or mail rooms, which brings costs up to $4-25 per fob per person. That is a lot of money properties are spending on giving residents basic access control that cannot be fully regulated or kept track of.

Geokey Gives Properties Integrated and Unified Access Control

What if there was a way for properties to save costs long term while giving their residents an access control solution that is more than just access control?

Geokey can provide this, with residents benefitting from keyless access control that keeps their units secure while also giving managers a solution that increases their NOI and allows them to automate their property with an integrated system.

Keyless Access That is Secure and Convenient:

Geokey takes away the costs and time associated with making physical keys by turning the resident’s phone into the key! Thanks to the geokey being associated only with the resident’s phone and the geofence requiring it to be near the door (within a specified geofence), residents and managers can know that only the residents will have access to their unit and the property.

While this brings security to the property, as there is a lot more accountability with who is accessing what doors, it also brings convenience to residents. While keys and fobs can easily be lost, with data showing them near the top of the list of things we forget in our day, the same cannot be said for phones! With a tap on the Geokey app, residents will be able to unlock their property. While this already benefits properties, Geokey goes beyond access by being a full solution built for integrations.

Integrations and Automation:

Geokey is more than a key to open a door: it is an integrated smart access control system. We have partnered and integrated our solution with reputable hardware and software manufacturers to ensure residents live in secure convenience and managers are able to automate their property.

Geokey has integrated with companies like Resideo/Honeywell, which gives residents the ability to control their thermostats remotely from the Geokey app! Residents can remotely adjust their thermostats and even set a schedule so that they can come home to a perfect unit climate without requiring their thermostats to be running all the time.

Geokey has also integrated with several property management solutions, such as Entrata and Yardi, that give managers the tools to run and automate their properties. From automatically being able to give/revoke keys to being able to audit when keys are utilized, managers have more control over their property than ever before.

The best part is that, by automating and cutting out the costs associated with legacy access control, managers can to do more for their property while cutting costs! Geokey’s solution is both affordable to install and can even increase your NOI, as smart solutions are an increasingly attractive amenity that prospective residents are searching for.

The true strength of Geokey lies in its role as a comprehensive smart access control system. Through strategic partnerships and integrations with industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers like Resideo/Honeywell, Entrata, and Yardi, Geokey empowers residents and property managers alike. Residents gain the convenience of remotely managing their thermostats and enjoying a fully connected living experience, while property managers can automate tasks, audit access, and realize significant cost savings.

By embracing Geokey, multifamily properties not only stay ahead in the competitive landscape but also offer a compelling, integrated access control solution that aligns with the evolving preferences of residents. Geokey is not just a key; it’s a pathway to a more secure, convenient, and cost-effective future for property management. Make the smart choice with Geokey, where security meets efficiency and residents experience a new level of seamless living.

If you would like to check out if Geokey is the right solution for your property, take a half hour and talk with one of our amazing representatives. They would love to give you a demo and show you what Geokey can do for you!

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