OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW: Elevate your access control system and unlock the world around you with Geokey - Geokey
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OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW: Elevate your access control system and unlock the world around you with Geokey
Casey Kettler | August 12, 2022

There are numerous amounts of things to keep track of each day, and access control doesn’t have to be one of them. Upgrading your access control system takes some time and having a plan in place makes for a smoother transition.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for an access control company, such as defining your security needs and discovering your access control options. Why not chose Geokey, a cloud-based application that makes life simple for you.

Geokey, the leading mobile access company, is a software-as-a-service platform with an open API. That means our platform can integrate with other products and applications. Partnering with other hardware and software solution providers is how Geokey gives you so many options when creating your own access and security strategy.

How Does Geokey Work?

Access Control

No more key fobs, just your phone. Touchless access is here. A simple swipe to open is all it takes. Open all doors with Geokey. Our solution doesn’t just limit you to the intercom system, because we don’t use that old of technology. The new way of business and the new way of living is unlocking every door with your phone. That means front doors, individual rooms, elevators, gates, garages, and more.

Remote Control

You don’t have to be there. With Geokey you can control your doors from your computer or smartphone. Unlock the doors from anywhere or just see who is at your gym or business, we handle that all for you. If someone is a problem or want to cancel, you can remove their credentials instantly.

Online Portal

Security doesn’t have to be complicated. That is why Geokey’s dashboard has a seamless interface for all technology levels. From sending out Geokeys to checking up on your data logs, it is easily accessible from your desktop or mobile device. With Geokey’s full management software, you can send, retract, or limit Geokey access for each user.

Data Analytics

See who is at your facility and how long they were there. That’s not all. With the Geokey dashboard, you can view activity with Geokey Live Tracking, manage users, create user roles, view and track all access point, and unlock from anywhere. That’s right! Full data on your whole business.

User Experience

With Geokey, it’s simple to send users a text to login with their Geokey. Register geokeys to designated devices to enhance security You can grant or limit access to certain entries by credentials, and even further by date and time. You can also automate certain notifications to send directly to your users’ mobile device at certain dates and times, which is useful for important announcements and reminders. It’s easy to get started and even easier to use.

Higher Security

Geokey has a simplified look in the front with an extensive security system in the back. Our 3-factor authentication give you peace of mind for your business.
By timestamping unlocks, you can see exactly who unlocked your Geokey access point. Only give access to people you trust and keep your valuables safe.


Geokey is not a one-size-fits-all type of security solution. We can integrate with any type of door or software. Our job is to incorporate seamlessly into your life.

Wireless Locks

Geokey can communicate with locks that are wireless. If you are worried about no connectivity, don’t worry, we have you covered. You will still be able to control devices with your mobile device no matter where you are.


Geokey has partnered with the best hardware and software vendors to bring you the highest level of customization available anywhere. That is why Geokey is your one stop shop solution for a simple and secure facility. View our hardware and software integrations here.

Save Time and Gain Control of Your Business

No more replacing locks. Rekeying or replacing keys will constantly cost you money. Not to mention, the cost of your frustration. The lock doesn’t have to change with Geokey, all you have to do is retract the credential from the user. Geokey has you covered, one click and they no longer have access. The future is here and it’s waiting for you to take control. Let Geokey revolutionize your business today.

Meet Geokey

Our Vision

Our vision is to give business owners a simplified security system that enhances their business from sales to customer service all while keeping a highly-protected facility.

We are the company of business owners for businesses owners. Since our inception, that has always been our first prerogative. That is why we are a software-first company focused on simplicity. We don’t develop hardware but rather integrate with all sorts of things from doors to padlocks.

Geokey is the perfect solution for all levels of businesses. We are a group of gamechangers that are her to disrupt the access control industry. Our patent software is designed for all levels of tech savviness and every type of business. Don’t stress about security again because with Geokey, it’s now easier than ever.

Why Switch to Geokey?

With Nexkey no longer being supported after this month, Geokey makes transitioning a quick and seamless process. Not only will you gain the ability to unlock from anywhere, but Geokey has your back with our 24/5 support.

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