Together the Companies Launch Smartlox Powered by Geokey

Omaha, Nebraska, May 17, 2022— Geokey, a leading provider of mobile access control solutions, announces its partnership with A.I. LAMB, a consulting and technology provider based in Melbourne, Australia, which specializes in logistics, agriculture, mining, and government. Through this partnership, Geokey’s innovative technology expands into international territory.

“At Geokey, we are always pioneering ways to introduce our technology to new markets,” says Brandon Peterson, Geokey’s CEO. “That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with A.I. LAMB.”

“We are always looking for innovative technology solutions that can provide our clients with smarter, more efficient, and reliable ways to provide access to their remote assets or facilities,” says Brent Wijnberg, CEO at A.I. LAMB. “The fact that Geokey’s solution was already seamlessly integrated with one of our existing hardware partners, Nokē, as well as offering additional hardware integrations, and a growing list of many more, it made perfect sense to formalize a partnership.”

Geokey’s app and software technology perfectly complements NOKĒ hardware. This seamless combination, coined “Smartlox Powered by Geokey,” is a powerful force for A.I. LAMB’s growing client base.

Smartlox Powered by Geokey delivers a keyless access experience that modernizes security, access control, and personnel safety solutions for remote assets and locations all while advancing operational intelligence.

About Geokey:

Geokey is a leader in cloud-based and mobile enabled access control solutions, which allows anyone to use their mobile phone to lock/unlock any authorized door, zone, or building. Property owners and managers send out Geokeys remotely, receive full data analytics of their business, and set customized user roles all from one cloud-based platform.

Geokey’s smart building technologies offer touchless mobile entry that is convenient, economical, and secure. With real-time data and analytics, Geokey provides the data and reporting needed to strengthen security and enhance facility management for all access control needs. Geokey is the product you can trust to manage your user base, members, or tenants. No more changing locks or worrying about who can enter your building, Geokey has you covered.

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About A.I. LAMB

A.I. LAMB is a consulting and technology provider with a mission to provide its clients the right technology at the right price and time through the most effective channels. Our brand promises are to deliver genuine value to our customers, to have fun and be honest.

Backed by over 30 years of combined experience in taking innovative solutions to market across Logistics, Agriculture and Mining Businesses (LAMB) we apply our own IP and innovations around industrial technologies that exist in other markets and adapt them to meet the needs of local customers. Our vision is to build a sustainable business that solves industry challenges using technology.

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