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Multi-family Residential

New Construction + Retrofit

Why Geokey

Singular, unified platform across multiple locations and complexes

OpEx software model that allows customers to monetize their assets

Property Managers can manage their factilities remotely

More Reasons to Switch to Geokey

  • Property management time savings
  • Lower operating costs
  • Remote site management and control
  • Remote space tours
  • Regular Software Updates
  • No lost keys or replacing locks


Whether you are in the planning stages of building a Multifamily apartment complex or already have an existing property, Geokey can accommodate your needs.

What we Bring to the Table


Property owners can upgrade residential access control and door entry systems for apartments without hassle or expense.


Geokey works seamlessly to enable property managers and tenants to secure and manage access to specific floors.

Interior Doors

Secure apartment doors with our sleek mortise locks and handles. Never worry about changing locks or keys for units again.

Garage Entry

Property owners can upgrade residential access control and door entry systems for apartments without hassle or expense.

Gate Entry

Geokey’s access control solutions offer reliable and secure gate entry for communities. Our state-of-the-art technology provides multiple methods for community members to effortlessly access the gate. Our user-friendly and scalable systems provide peace of mind to residents and streamline entry for visitors and guests.

Tenant Amenity

Geokey’s access control solutions can be used for tenant amenity access, providing a secure and convenient way for residents to access common areas such as fitness centers, pools, clubhouses, and more. With Goekey, property managers can efficiently manage tenant access, monitor usage, and improve security, all while providing a seamless experience for residents.

Visitor Management

Grant and remove user access from Geokey in seconds. Easily manage who can access your buildings and amenities from the Geokey app. You have the option to automatically give or schedule future access to visitors at certain entry points at certain times.


Our software can integrate with other smart systems such as thermostats to help regulate the temperature in your tenants living space, saving money and energy.

Water Detection

Get alerts through the Geokey app for when water leaks are detected in your apartment building.

Does My Investment Make Sense?

Want to know how your investment can pay you back?

Head over to our cost calculator and visualize your investment and the return you will see by implementing our system at your property.

Make Access Simple For Your Residents