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Small Business + Enterprise


Whether you are an established enterprise with locations across the country or a budding small business, Geokey’s access solution can accommodate your needs. Geokey gives both employees and managers more control at an affordable price while not compromising security

The Benefits


All our products come with a keyless lock with a safety backup. With our simple-to-use app, you can save time unlocking doors (and not searching for which key goes to which lock)


Over 75% of Employees admit to stealing from their workplace at least once. Geokey’s access solution allows you to track when its access points are opened and by whom, allowing you to know where to look if things go missing.


Thanks to Bluetooth and the Cloud, you can control, monitor, and unlock your access points, all from the security of your smart device!

More Reasons To Switch to Geokey

  • Constantly Updating Software
  • Monitoring + Reporting
  • Remote Access Control
  • User Tracking + Management
  • No Manual Firmware Updates
  • No lost keys or replacing locks

Streamline Your Operations

Employees Can:

  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Receive Notifications
  • Update Personal Information

Managers + Admins Can:

  • Grant and Revoke Access
  • View Analytics
  • Send Notifications
  • Remote Unlock

Small Business with Even Smaller Worries

Save Time and Money
Know Who is Accessing your Business
Cloud Based Security

Change the Game
for Your Enterprise

Total Control of Your Company
Manage Access from Anywhere
Fully Inegrate with Existing Systems


“(Geokey) is very intuitive, user friendly, and the user management system is very solid. But what’s best about Geokey is the humans behind (it), the customer service you will have, and it will always be a five-star experience.”


Start Streamlining Your Business Operations Today!