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Geokey and Resideo Software Solution

This exciting partnership opens up a world of possibilities for residents, empowering them to take charge of their home climate control like never before. With the Geokey app now seamlessly connected to Resideo thermostats, residents can experience unparalleled comfort and energy savings.

Heightened Control.
Increased Comfort.

Remote Management

Be There.
Even When You're Not.

One of the most significant advantage of this integration is the ability for residents to control their thermostats remotely via the Geokey app. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just relaxing on the couch, you can easily adjust your home’s temperature to your liking.

Smart Thermostats

Routine Scheduling

Comfort While You're Home.
Saving when you're away.

Geokey’s integration with Resideo thermostats enables users to create personalized heating and cooling schedules. This means you can optimize your HVAC system’s operation to match your daily routine, leading to significant energy savings over time. No more heating or cooling an empty home!


Analytics and Reporting

Check Your Units +
Safeguard Your Complex.

With Geokey’s integration, Property managers gain valuable insights into their residents’ energy consumption patterns. The dashboard provides detailed reports on how your HVAC systems are performing, helping make informed decisions to further reduce energy waste.

Water Leak Detectors

L1 Water Leak Detector
L5 Shut Off Valve
Leak Detection

Never Worry.
Even When You're Away.

With Geokey and Resideo's water leak detection system, never worry about a leak again. You will be instantly notified with a notification alert if there is a detected leak within your home.
Remote Management

Take Action from Anywhere.

When alerted of a leak, users and admins can remotely shut off the water valve with the tap of a button.
About Resideo

Resideo is a home automation company that creates technology and smart solutions to help make homes more sustainable and safer. Creating everything from smart thermostats to home security to air filtration systems, Resideo is dedicated to improving quality of life, both for residents and the Earth. For more information, visit

Experience the future of home climate control with Geokey and Resideo Smart Home thermostats – where comfort meets efficiency!