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Yale and Geokey Partner to Elevate Property Access Control

April 2, 2024, Omaha, NE – Geokey today announced its new partnership with Yale, a leader in smart home security. This integration between two leaders in  access control  brings flexibility and scalability to multifamily property owners and operators. “Our partnership with Yale is a significant milestone that brings our clients  more options, providing one of […]

PDK Integration with Geokey Brings End-to-End Property Access Control

OMAHA, Neb., March 18, 2024 – Geokey announced its strategic partnership with ProdataKey (PDK), an innovative leader in access control hardware solutions. This partnership empowers property owners and operators to utilize Geokey’s mobile-first access control platform with PDK’s extensive Red Series door controllers to bolster building security and access management. Geokey’s hardware-agnostic solution gives operators the ability to control property […]

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Flourishing on Campus: How a Sense of Security Links with Academic Achievement

Students have a lot to worry about when it comes to higher education. With papers due and a social life to stay on top of, students are working towards creating a brighter future for themselves by pursuing a field they feel passionate about. With so much pressure hinging on their success, parents and universities want […]

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Balancing Security and Budget: The Geokey Revolution in Student Housing

When it comes to student housing management, possessing a secure access control system is essential. This past decade alone, we have witnessed numerous technological innovations come to the forefront to give property managers everything they need to expand upon and secure their business. However, despite rapid technological advancements, such as smart tech and mobile access […]

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Beyond Access Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart technology, one of the key factors driving its impact is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems. Beyond the mere novelty of owning the latest technology or living in an apartment with a great new amenity, the true essence of smart living lies in the ability of these […]

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Geokey Year in Review!

As we close out 2023, we take some time to reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken this year. Geokey continued to redefine the landscape of convenient security, offering a seamless blend of innovation and reliability. From enhancing the efficiency of access management to providing unparalleled flexibility for businesses, Geokey has consistently pushed the […]

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Adapting to a Changing Industry: Turning Access Control into Resident Experience

During our most recent trip to OpTech, our team walked away with a lot of insights into the prop-tech and multifamily industries (Check out our insights here). One of the final things we mentioned in that report was how rapidly the industry was changing. With smart technology evolving over the past decade and becoming more […]

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Geokey and Resideo Integration:

October 2023, Omaha, NE – In an era where convenience, energy efficiency, and smart living are paramount, Geokey is proud to announce its latest integration with Resideo Smart Home thermostats and water leak detectors. This exciting partnership opens up a world of possibilities for residents, empowering them to take charge of their home climate control […]

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OPTECH Odyssey: A Recap of Innovation and Insights

Last week, Geokey returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, and attended OpTech 2023! OpTech is an annual conference organized by the National Multifamily Housing Council that focuses on multifamily housing technology and operations, bringing together individuals and companies from across the industry to show off their innovations and network with one another. On top of that, […]

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Unlocking the Future of Student Housing: Geokey’ s Journey at the NMHC Student Housing Conference

Last week, Geokey was privileged to attend the premier student housing conference of the year hosted by the National Multifamily Housing Council. The event, which took place over the span of three days, was an excellent way for hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the industry to attend panels and network with one […]

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Class C Building, Class A Amenity

Universities have been around for many centuries, being centers of learning anddiscovery for people of all ages. The earliest university, Harvard, was built in the United Statesin 1636. On-campus residential living also has quite a history, giving a place for students to liveon campus during their time. As universities and learning centers have continued to […]

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Geokey Bridging the Way to Autonomous Communities

What comes to mind when you think about managing a multifamily apartment complex? It could be keeping track of hundreds of residents, maintaining rooms, the amenities they interact with, or other housekeeping issues such as utilities or Wi-Fi. At Geokey, we focus a lot on the benefits we bring to the multifamily market, especially when […]

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Geokey’s Blueprint Conference Experience: Forging Strong Industry Connections and Shaping the Future

Geokey recently attended BluePrint 2023, the premier real estate event held in Las Vegas this past month. Blueprint served as a platform for industry executives, real estate and construction tech startups, and venture capitalists to convene for three days of networking and workshops. During our time there, Geokey had the privilege of operating a kiosk […]

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