HealthViewX and Geokey Integration

This partnership enables a connected omnichannel medication management and pain assessment ecosystem that can help patients, physicians, healthcare providers, payors and pharmaceutical companies understand medication adherence patterns and longitudinal pain narratives on both a per-patient and population health basis.
Through this strategic partnership, the HealthViewX Pain Management application suite will provide pain stakeholders with real-time data on symptoms, medications, triggers, and overall experience of pain. The granular structural insights afforded by this ecosystem will surface signals while eliminating associated noise thereby helping them manage, mitigate, and hopefully eliminate the debilitating impact of pain.

Benefits of the integration:

  • Real-time pain data sync with your provider
  • Track pain precisely using 7 different in-built parameters
  • Threshold alerts and notifications
  • Record and document accurate interpretation of pain between visits
  • Relate pain with Medications, Vitals among others
  • Graphical insights and charts on what works to get the appropriate diagnosis quicker
  • Secure communication with your provider and caregiver


HealthViewX is an end-to-end care orchestration technology company that enables superior convenience and seamless integration of the clinical and service experience of patients, physicians, and provider entities by leveraging its proprietary software platform and comprehensive solution portfolio.