Multi-family Residential

Live, Work, and Play
in the Future

Let your complex work as a smart solution that gives your tenants control and you peace of mind.

Open All Doors With Geokey

Our solution doesn’t just limit you to the intercom system, because we don’t use that old of technology. The new way of multi-residential living is unlocking every door in your building with your phone. That means the front doors, individual rooms, elevators, and garages.

Welcome Guests

We make it easy for residents to unlock the main doors for their guests right from there phone. No intercoms and no getting up from the couch. Swipe right in the app and welcome.

Safe Deliveries

Facility managers have more control than ever of when deliveries are made. Give your delivery person a Geokey or set a separate room aside that only Geokey users can enter. All users are tracked for who enters and when they leave.

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